Steve Hackett & V.A. – Genesis Revisited – Japan Edition (Riding the Colossus) (1996)

Japan Edition (Riding the Colossus)
In a New York radio interview in 1973 John Lennon announced that one of the bands he was currently listening to was called Genesis a feather in the cap of a young struggling five piece desperate to succeed in “the colonies” where we were busy “Selling England” at the time. So why revisit the same period of material over two decades later with an alternative, albeit enlarged, cast you may ask? What makes it so special in the first place?

By way of explanation …

Suffice to say that the Out Patients Dept is headed up by Dr. B.Bruford, Dr.C. Thompson and myself plus many others who would qualify as permanent members of staff but for their continuing services to a genre let’s call ‘permissive’ rather than progressive music. The main thing is you don’t need the ‘right’ regimental tie or even a tie-dyed tee shirt, you know you’re crazy or you wouldn’t have read this far… Seriously, we hope these re-approached songs defy logic sufficiently to take you on a journey rarely experienced on the available airwaves!
Perhaps the new-comer or late-comer to the band’s work deserves a little light shed on the background of the original perpetrators of these dastardly deeds…
From 1971 the band line up included Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and myself… seemingly incompatible musical influences merged into songs that started out at point ‘A’ and occasionally ended at around point ‘Q’ … Some felt that the shorter form later explored was perfection itself but many aficionados of the band’s early work felt disenfranchised and preferred the episodic approach which meant that nobody knew for certain, least of all we writers, where a song, once started, would end up – the democratic writing process open to a five-sided team was able to combine influences ranging from science fiction to Greek mythology …
But where was personal experience in all this? Did the British single sex education system have something to do with it? Certainly it was very difficult to communicate our feelings to (or about) girls … we were accused of using a reference library approach! Romance was expressed as an area found, perhaps, between Ancient Greece and Rome itself… underneath Marcus Aurelius? … could one find it in Giotto? … Da Vinci …? Basically anywhere other than in the arms of the girl next door (or even next county)!

Still, enough of history.

The biggest problem facing the present crew on this affectionate backwards glance was … would we be accused of messing with people’s childhoods? Were they ever children in the first place or could they face the changes that time would bring …? What would it sound like if occasional members of Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Zappa, Asia, Weather Report, The Zombies, Mike & The Mechanics, GTR, Ace • not to mention the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – all got together with other salubrious pals to form a massive team just for a few minutes?
The answer, Dear Listener, lies with you.
Your roller coaster is ready Madam and Yes Sir, there will be some unexpected twists and turns.

Meanwhile, for the guy who turned up at a gig with a gaping head wound after a motor cycle accident and then, after the last note was played, went to hospital and eventually had stitches, to the rest of you who simply kept coming back for more music, thanks for the continued support and for encouraging this revisit to that strange but beautiful planet once called Genesis …

Captain’s Log

Stardate: Saturday 6th April 1996 “Vice Admiral Hackett reporting for tour of duty at the helm of one of the biggest ships in the galaxy …

Mission:   To seek out rare forms of musical life, to throw light on places more of the mind than the map and enter the realm of the recurring dream.”

Track listing
1. Watcher of the Skies (8:51)
2. Your Own Special Way (4:19)
3. Dance on a Volcano (7:28)
4. Valley of the Kings (6:28)
5. Déjà Vu (5:46)
6. Riding the Colossus (4:07)
7. For Absent Friends (3:02)
8. Fountain of Salmacis (9:55)
9. Waiting Room Only (6:53)
10. I Know What I Like (5:39)
11. Firth of Fifth (9:40)



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