Asia: Live in Basel Switzerland 4 May 2010 (2012)

Year five of our reformation touring began in Rome, followed by Prague, two gigs in Austria, Paris, Holland, and a subsequent assault of five shows in Germany. Sandwiched between Nuremberg and Reichenbach (Nr.Stuttgart) we detour to the Z7 in Pratteln, a suburb of the mighty Swiss capital of Basel. A rainy morning in Bavaria on Tuesday 4th May (release date of Omega in USA) sees the band set off from its modest hotel in Nuremberg at 10:30 for the trip across southern Germany, to enter the top tip of Switzerland via the Schwartzwald. We stop for lunch in the Black Forest – this sounds truly romantic, but in reality it is now mid-tour, and the four tired English musicians and Autobahn services do not conjure any ambience other than a post mortem of last night’s show, and my express wish to see a doctor before the show tonight, as my throat is raw. We arrive mid-afternoon at the venue – hi-tech meets lo-tech in an aircraft hangar disguised as a rave garage. Swiss hospitality soothes us, and the Z7 crew make us very comfortable. A long sound check ensues, as 18 HD cameras plus recording gear are all put in place and checked for tonight’s show. What you hear here is the next instalment of Asia in audio. After the polished Japanese ‘Fantasia’, we released ‘Spirit of the Night’ from Cambridge Festival two years later. ‘Spirit’ is a high-energy, end-of- festival document. This is Asia resonating the Z7 on an Omega night in Central Europe: Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and John Wetton live on the road, in-your- face, and for your pleasure.

John Wetton – New Forest, April 2012

La ultima producción oficial de estas leyendas del progresivos nos ofrece una interesante selección de sus clásicos más algunas sorpresas del repertorio solista de sus miembros. El sonido es refinado y lleno de exquisitos detalles, aunque algo estructurado y débil en expresividad, quizás atribuible a la madurez de estos músicos. Personalmente me gusto mucho los arreglos de Steve Howe para Go del álbum Astra, un álbum en el que no participo, pero me hace la idea lo bien que hubiese sido si no lo hubieran presionado para salir de la banda en 1985. Por lejos este es el mejor lanzamiento en vivo desde el regreso de la alineación original en el 2007, mejor que el de Tokyo o el de Cambridge .
Disc 1:

1. I Believe (6:43)
2. Only Time Will Tell (4:58)
3. Holly War (5:59)
4. Never Again (4:52)
5. Through My Veins (5:31)
6. Don’t Cry (4:23)
7. Steve Howe Solo: All’s A Chord (2:25)
8. Steve Howe Solo: The Valley Of Rocks (3:43)
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (5:56)
10. Open Your Eyes (6:56)

Disc 2:
11. Finger On The Trigger (4:27)
12. Time Again (5:15)
13. An Extraordinary Life (5:14)
14. End Of The World (5:42)
15. The Heat Goes On (10:57)
16. Sole Survivor (7:25)
17. Go (4:26)
18. Heat Of The Moment (8:35)
19. Wildernest Dreams (5:50)

John Wetton. Vocal, Bass.

Steve Howe: Guitars.
Geoff Downes: Keyboards.
Carl Palmer: Drums

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