Erik Norlander – The Galactic Collective – Live in Gettysburg 2CD (2012)

Fast forward to almost exactly one year later, May of 2011, and I am again booked into the Rites of Spring Festival (aka “RoSFest”), this time to be held in the iconic Civil War battlefield city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. And ironically enough, for my third RoSFest appearance, I had gathered two groups of artists from both the North (Akron, Ohio) and the South (Asheville, North Carolina) where we would again play The Galactic Collectlve in its entirety. I rehearsed for the festival in Ohio with the studio álbum musicians, Freddy DeMarco (g), Mark Matthews (b) and Nick LePar (d) in a fantastic studio space belonging to keyboardist Mark McCutcheon and his Pink Floyd tribute band that was built up inside a former pie factory. Wooden floors and brick walls were complemented with all sorts of Pink Floyd-related artwork and made for a comfortable, and even familiar-feeling, environment. Vocalist Debrissa McKinney along with Moog synthesizer guru and Wall of Doom caretaker, August Worley, carne up from Asheville to join us during the last days of rehearsal, and Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation (and Bob Moog’s youngest daughter) also came from Asheville to meet us directly in Gettysburg to introduce and present the band at the festival.

The festival asked me to play a full two hour set, and so in addition to The Galactic Collective album, we added the vocal songs, “Capture the Sun” and “Secrets of Astrology,” that I had penned for the Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard and Secrets of Astrology albums respectively and fit nicely into the whole celestial theme. Then to finish the show, I decided to attempt the

Into the Sunset Suite for the first time ever live. At the 2010 Euclid release party concert, we closed the set with “Sunset Prelude” just to toss something different and unexpected into the mix. It worked out so well, and we all enjoyed playing it so much, that I thought it was worth the potential peril to try the whole suite at RoSFest, vocals and all.

And who better and more qualified to sing this suite and the two Lana Lane songs than Lana herself! It was a natural choice that just as I had served as Lana’s producer and live musical director on tour for so many years, Lana would now make an appearance as my special guest vocalist, just as she had done at past festivals where I played solo sets such as Cal Prog in 2004 and two appearances at the Dutch Alfa Centauri festival in 2001 and 2004. With harmonies from Debrissa McKinney and bassist Mark Matthews, we could reliably stage not only the expected vocal pieces but also the more choral passages that we presented at Moogus Operandi. And with three exceptional vocalists on hand, I had no trepidation to include the acapella “Hymn” as a vital part of the “Into the Sunset Suite.”

The guns of the Civil War are happily long silent, and now we have grand representatives of North and South coming together here for a musical meeting of torces as The Galactic Collective makes its terrestrial landing … Live in Gettysburg!

Erik Norlander

Miami, Florida May 2012


1. Arrival (2:18)
2. Neurosaur (5:05)
3. Fanfare for Absent Friends (6:05)
4. Sky Full of Stars (9:37)
5. Capture the Sun (9:11)
6. Astrology Prelude (5:41)
7. Secrets of Astrology (7:18)
8. Trantor Station (5:39)
9. After the Revolution (10:06)
10. Garden of the Moon (6:39)
11. The Dark Water (20:59)
12. Sunset Prelude (3:33)
13. Into the Sunset (4:51)
14. Dreamcurrents (3:03)
15. Hymn (1:48)
16. Into the Sunset Reprise (1:50)
17. Sunset Postlude (1:53)


Erik Norlander – keyboards
Freddy DeMarco – guitars
Mark Matthews – bass guitars
Nick LePar – drums
Lana Lane – vocals
Debrissa McKinney – vocals
Michelle Moog-Koussa – mistress of ceremonies
August Worley – modular Moog / Wall of Doom care and feeding
Dena Henry – vision

All songs written by Erik Norlander except “After the Revolution” by Erik Norlander and Mark McCrite All songs© 1995-2012 Waking Dream Music (BMI) and Marquee Music Publishing (JASRAC)

Cover art stage photo by Esa Ahola. Additional photos by Esa Ahola, Peter Power and Robert Wolf.
Graphic design by Amber Tidwell
Erik Norlander logo by Design Box, GmbH

Erik Norlander plays instruments by Moog, Waldorf and Yamaha, uses OSP Cases and software by Sonic Reality, IK Multimedia, Arturia, Spectrasonics and Bias, Inc.
Freddy DeMarco palys Vox Guitar, S.I.T Guitar, and uses VOX and Blackstar amps and effects.
Mark Matthews ploys Music Man Steriing Basses, TC Electronic Bass Amplification, and SIT Strings
Nick LePar uses Peari Drums, Zildfian Cymbals, Pro Mark Sticks, DW pedals and hardware and Roland samplers.   
Our sincere thanks to those who tíelped. Extra special thanks to Mark McCutcheon and friends at The Pie Factory, Barberton, Ohio.


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