Frank Sinatra – Conducts Tone Poems Of Color (1956, Remaster 1992)

White is the young in heart and I am young though I be any age. 
My infant cries are dressed in white.
She is pure. 
From the cradle white to bridal veil white she will carry my mother love
for she is part of me and has my heart. 
I will keep her bower shining white and clean, 
and with my mother tears will wash away the grime of deeds she did not mean to do. 
And when my hair does match her heart I will still be young… 
For both are white and white
is the young in heart.
Green is the lover and I am the lover…
for green is the color of growing things and my love only grows. 
I sit with my love on grass of green and watch buds emerge into glossy, green leaves. 
My blue dreams smile for laughing yellow is there too and smiles into our dreams. 
As I love I plant a seed and my thumb is green, 
and makes it grow into a living, loving reality.
I walk through the years but never alone for I am loved, 
and on my path beside me is my love… 
 Wedded to me as blue weds yellow, 
to make me green, the lover.
Purple is the schemer that fits into my scheme of things. 
My padded footsteps roam
the earth but only by night; 
its dark blue dreamy shroud cloaking my violent red thoughts.

I plan,

I plan red plans to move mountains my way. 
I dream,
I dream blue dreams that make secret of my plans. 
I scheme,
I scheme purple schemes until my face is matching.
I choke myself with intrigue in my royal court
as this regal-shaded velvet glove clutches my windpipe; 
stopping my breath- making me purple in the face. 
Yet I cannot let go for now I am purple, 
and purple is the schemer.
Yellow is the laughter the laughter of those who smile with sunny warmth. 
The laughter of my son who leads his dog on a merry romp thru the hills; 
climbing to the pinnacle of living. 
Unbound, unfettered the reach for life-giving
purifying rays of the world’s heating system. 
Yellow is the gentle laughter on the wind
as it clears the air for their passage. 
My son so young with eyes unclouded seeks nothing; 
nothing but his direct happy-filled communication from his Holy Father; 
to joyfully accept the streaming,
smiling warmth of laughing yellow.
Gray is the gaunt and I am gaunt… 
still I must seek to fill the love-starved hollows of my cheeks and heart. 
In my desire to color my life
I have robbed the spectrum of all colors.
Yet yellow will not laugh for me nor will blue bring any dreams. 
Green, with me, 
is not my lover. Still
I take them all to my bosom to make into one; one for me alone. 
And yet when my brush is done, 
it is only monotone; 
a square and futile fugue and I am left alone without a rounded life… 
For I am gray and gray is gaunt.


Gold is for the greedy… 

And I accept the challenge of the name you call me. 
My gold only reflects the warmth of mother yellow. 
Its smile is cold metallic and unyielding. 
I spend my life digging till I catch the reflected glint of gold in the rocks… 
I hold that glint in both my eyes for my full life… 
to burn through into my brain. 
This I know to be my barter color to buy everything but happiness. 
Mine is a mining life for gold though gold be for the greedy.

Orange is the gay deceiver and I do deceive but nicely. 

I am the daughter of the yellow laughter and the violet red! 
I am a sun worshipper who sits on the beach and uses its rays but only superficially. 
My shade is correct and stylish, 
but never will it pierce my skin to affect my soul. 
I see a man and smile a smile as does yellow, 
but a studied smile pushed through painted
red lips into minds of men who receive, enjoy… 
But not really enjoy for my love is orange, 
the gay deceiver.
Black is the bottomless 
The fog I cannot lift but I can pierce with sharp awareness. 
This is the night I cannot end,
yet I can find a new
beginning in another place another day. 
I wander at night and my thoughts are black, 
til thoughts of deeds bring reflection and rest. 
Then I fear not black for I know no fear. 
There is no fear where doubt has found no door.
I have no doubt. 
I fear no bottomless thing when 
I can find the top. 
Black is my friend though it be bottomless.
Silver is the patrician and I am patrician in my fashion.
I was gray til I was shined to meet the people. 
My house is orderly it gleams. 
My rugs bear no footprints for no one dares to walk within. 
I seek not the handling of everyday life; 
it tarnishes me. 
I hold a soft cloth close to my being; 
Please leave me alone to live my life in a velvet lined drawer.
I am silver and silver is the patrician.
Blue is the dreamer and I am blue, 
yet not sad for I have made a friend of sadness. 
I relax in the waves of my blue-colored dreams 
It soothes my mind It strokes my soul It caresses my heart. 
I am a man yet with blue in my eyes a boy-at heart. 
I have blue in my eyes; a misty blue that clouds reality and gives me happiness. 
I see a crowded street, yet I do not see… 
For my blue-colored mind sees only what it dreams, 
and it likes to dream a waltzy Blue Danube. 
So in life
I deck myself in blue. 
For blue is the dreamer.
Brown is the earthbound and I am bound for I am Mother Earth.
I draw my pigment from something there from time immemorial. 
I change my dress as seasons change but ever do return to brown. 
I welcome wind when it brings leaves to bed upon my bosom. 
As they rest I see them change their shade to match my face. 
Then I do keep them ever close within me; 
to nourish new and growing things that rise again.
I am brown the Mother Earth. 
Of necessity, I am earthbound.
Red is the violent the exciting shocker of we who seek excitement. 
When but a child I saw the disasterous, 
clanging red of a fire engine,
disaster, somehow, I enjoyed. 
The hotness of red fascinates yet consumes me. 
My red shoes make me walk faster…faster…faster yet not knowing where I go or why. 
Once I possessed and another woman looked at my man in possession. 
I saw red! 
My sharp red nails streaked for the whiteness of her skin 
until nothing satisfied me nothing only the brightly hot lines of red glowing on her skin. 
Red that I had created and excited me for red is my color of violence.
“White” (Victor Young) – 4:14
“Green” (Gordon Jenkins) – 4:05
“Purple” (Billy May) – 4:21
“Yellow” (Jeff Alexander) – 2:38
“Gray” (Alec Wilder) – 4:29
“Gold” (Nelson Riddle) – 3:36
“Orange” (Nelson Riddle) – 4:57
“Black” (Victor Young) – 3:58
“Silver” (Elmer Bernstein) – 4:38
“Blue” (Alec Wilder) – 4:38
“Brown” (Jeff Alexander) – 4:01
“Red” (André Previn) – 3:57
Recording Dates
Tracks 1, 7, 8 & 11 were recorded February 22, 1956.
Tracks 9 & 12 were recorded February 28, 1956.
Tracks 2, 4, 5 & 10 were recorded March 07, 1956.
Tracks 3 & 6 were recorded March 15, 1956.
All Tracks were Recorded at The Capitol Tower & Engineered by John Palladino.

Audio mp3 320@kbps.


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