Steve Howe – Time (2011)

“Tenemos aquí el álbum 2011 del reconocido guitarrista británico, un disco instrumental fresco que une lo clásico, el jazz y el country. Time es una colaboración entre Steve Howe, más conocido como el guitarrista de Yes y Asia, y el productor Paul K. Joyce, quien ha trabajado para el cine y la televisión. El primer contacto con Steve Howe con Paul fue en el año 2007 después de leer una entrevista de él y éste le sugirió las posibilidad de trabajar juntos en un proyecto orquestal, a partir de canciones que Steve había acumulado durante los últimos años, incluyendo parte del material con que había trabajado con su amigo Paul Sutin, con quien había lanzado dos álbumes el 1995. Time incluye varias obras originales de Howe, así como canciones de Paul y el hijo de Steve, Virgil Howe y otras piezas más convencional del repertorio clásico de Bach, Villa-Lobos y Vivaldi.”  (’s Review)

Probablemente tenemos aquí uno de los álbumes más clásicos y nostálgicos que el celebre guitarrista de Yes haya hecho hasta la fecha, luego de su suporifera aproximación a la new age con Skyline y algunos momentos interesantes con Magnification con Yes a comienzos del 2000. Nuevamente con un enfoque es más suave y relajado, podemos observar un mayor empleo de recursos estilisticos casi aproximándose a lo ambiental y al neoclásico. Es así que con un afiatado ensamble clásico nos traer un nuevo enfoque para celebres obras de Bach, Vivaldi y Villa Lobos. Como ya es característico en su trabajo, sobre sale el talento instrumental de Steve Howe en las guitarras tanto eléctricas como acústicas y su confluencia de múltiples estilos, como el flamenco, el barroco, el blues, el folk y el jazz, además de la inclusión de una orquesta de cámara. 

Un Álbum sobrio, clásico un de corte pastoral, un tanto alejado de las texturas más pesadas del progresivo, sin embargo, igualmente interesante, entretenido y variado. Que bien podría ser la perfecta banda sonora para cualquier película de cine arte o de corte biográfica, gracias a su exquisita factura y diversidad al mismo tiempo en su habilidad de provocar en el oyente todo tipo de paisajes y situaciones por medio de la música y imaginación del oyente. Muy recomendado.

Steve Howe Talk About This Album:

Paul K. Joyce / Steve Howe

l) Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 (Aria) 5-58 Fender Dual Professional Steel Guitar (Heitor Villa-Lobos) G. Schirmer Ltd. Arranged by Steve Howe & Paul K. Joyce

I discovered this great Brazilian composer through Julian Bream’s recordings of his Concerto for Guitar, etudes and preludes. Bachianas Brasileiras is a mammoth suite containing this Aria, which I first heard sung by Victoria De Los Angeles. The sustain required for the melody led me to play it on an electric steel guitar with the treatment I use in bands, a processed strong sound utilizing a volume pedal to voice each note. At 2.05 the melody jumps up an whole octave, which is not possible on a regular guitar. This is an individual arrangement of the main themes, which Paul K Joyce and I started work on, together.
Heitor’s first instrument was a guitar…

2) King’s Ransom 4.31 Kohno Modelio Classical Guitar (Steve Howe / David Big tin) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
David Biglin and I wrote this whilst working together on another project. It combines several themes of ours. The title comes from a dish available at a tea shop in Devon called The Corn Dolly. Though ‘ransom’ has a theological context expressing deliverance, it usually implies a large amount of money, in return for someone like a King! The future’s held to ransom . . .

3)  Cantata No. 140 (Wachet Auf) ¿.¡a Kohno Model 10 Classical Guitar
(Johann Sebastian Bach) Arranged by Steve Howe / Paul K. Joyce
After repeated listenings to John Williams and Peter Hurford’s version of this well known piece, I knew I had to attempt it to play it as well. I began by working up a version with the late Andrew Pryce-Jackman. Sadly that was not released. It did, however make me determined to properly complete the tune. It’s a wonderful melody to play, full of the exquisite counterpoint and subtle bass movement that only Bach could create. In memory of Andrew Pryce-Jackman

4) Orange ?44 Gibson Banjo Guitar (Steve Howe) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
Conceived as a banjo guitar + piano duet, it quite surprised Paul upon first hearing! He transported it to this fun arrangement, which brings out the sound of this finger-picking style associated with ragtime, similar to country or thumb picking. Since the banjo’s back, next it’ll be the washboard! . ..

5) Purification 3.52 Gibson ES175D and Martin J12-65M 12 String Acoustic Guitar (Paul K. Joyce) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
The tone of the front pick-up on my Gibson ES175D is warm and jazzy, and octaves are a nice way to play melodies, so combining these, I had a starting point for this tune. Some acoustic 12-string added a nice edge, and the bubbly nature of the melody took on a soothing blues style.
From Magnification to Simplification to Purification!

6 Rose 3.41 Kolino Model lO Classical Guitar (Steve Howe) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
A rose, by any other name    ” wrote Shakespeare around 1600. He was a master of
words. I’d say that love is a blessing that life brings! Love is beyond the physical or metaphysical.
“. .. a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.” WS.

Classical ensemble recorded at British Grove Studios Conductor: Paul K. Joyce.

7    The Explorer 509 Steinberger 12 String Electric Guitar
(Paul Sutin / Steve Howe) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
Paul Sutin played me two large works, which have become Apollo and The Explorer. These were both three times their current length and quite difficult to present, so Paul K Joyce edited them down to create two balanced versions. Here, the electric 12- string holds the melody on this joyful piece.
Wherever sea, ice or mountains exist, someone will want to go there.

8    Kindred Spirits 5.10 Gibson ES345TD Electric Guitar (Virgil Howe) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
Working with Virgil, and of course Dylan, our sons, has always been a pure pleasure! They have been so supportive and truly an inspiration to me. Here, there’s more volume pedal on the guitar and some autoharp. Virgil solos at 3.06. For Georgia and Stephanie.

9    Concerto GrOSSO in D Minor Op. 3. No. 11 5.25 Gibson ES345TD Electric Guitar
(Antonio Vivaldi) Arranged by Steve Howe / Paul K. Joyce / Paul Sutin
Paul Sutin uncovered this piece, I then learned the melodies and fitted other parts around it, now and then. Vivaldi was the first classical composer I really enjoyed listening to, besides the classical guitar compositions I’d heard. I’ve played two other pieces by Vivaldi before. I once played both of those, one night in a theatre in Italy where Mozart himself had actually played! Italy is so good at so many wonderful things …

10    The 3rd Of March 5.51 Kohno Model IO Classical Guitar and Dobro Acoustic Steel Guitar (Paul K. Joyce) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
As Paul K Joyce and I refined & expanded the material, this tune of Paul’s came along. As I played it, I realized how much I like music that makes me work & think, at the same time. It stretches out and across the styles that we have included herein.

11    Steam Age 3.13 Martin MC28 Acoustic Guitar (Steve Howe) Warner Chappell Music Ltd. 


1. Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 (Heitor Villa-Lobos) (3:58)
2. King’s Ransom (4:31)
3. Cantata No. 140 (Wachet Auf) (Johann Sebastian Bach) (3:57)
4. Orange (2:43)
5. Purification (3:52)
6. Rose (3:40)
7. The Explorer (5:09)
8. Kindred Spirits (5:10)
9. Concerto Grosso in D Minor Op. 3, No. 11 (Vivaldi) (5:24)
10. The 3rd Of March (5:51)
11. Steam Age (3:12)
12. Apollo (4:41)


Steve Howe: guitars
Paul K. Joyce: keyboards, arragements

Virgil Howe: solo in ”Kindred Spirits”
Classical ensemble recorded at British Grove Studios Conductor: Paul K. Joyce.


Audio mp3 320@kbps.

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